Carnal Olympics (1983)

Starring: Gayle Sterling, Rosie Kay, Herschel Savage, Billy Dee, Candy Hart.
An X-rated magazine sponsored a contest to determine who the sexiest girl in San Francisco is. After an exhaustive (and deep probing) search, an ace reporter sniffs out two sizzling strumpets who’ll do anything for the $20,000 prize money in a no-holds-barred Carnal Olympics. Event number one fins each team in a very hot girl-girl love mating event (Judges: give these gals a 10 on technique alone!). Event number two has each girl seducing an officer of the law in a hard-diving shoot out of a very personal nature. In the final and decisive event number three, a not-to-be believed pool party turns into an orgy of truly Olympian proportions where everyone turns out to be a wild, wild winner.

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