Careful He May Be Watching (1987)

Director: Richard Pacheco
Starring: Seka, Shanna McCullough, Mike Holder, Kay Parker, Toni Brooks, Misha Garr, Richard Pacheco.
Seka’s back.and Caballero’s got her! Yes, the platinum princess of adult entertainment returns to the silver screen in a sizzling dual role. By night, Jane Smith (Seka) is a happily married housewife. But during the day when hubby (Mike Horner) is at work, Jane becomes Molly Flame – the X-rated superstar who’ll do “almost” anything for the camera. Things get mighty complicated for Jane/Molly, as you might expect. And with Kay Parker and Shanna McCullough on board for some hot action, you can be sure our star’s “repertoire” is going to be expanded! So, uncork something bubbly and start celebrating. With Seka back, horny days are here again!

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