Can’t Get Enough (1985)

Director: Louis Dana
Starring: Chelsea Blake, Karen Summer, Gina Carrera, Amber Lynn, Rachel Ashley, Melanie Scott, Joey Silvera, Michael Knight, Paul Thomas, George Payne, Jerry Butler, Jose Duval.
Deep in the heart of New York City, an exotic love potion from the Amazon is turning normally sedate women into sex crazed nymphos who CAN’T GET ENOUGH! Nora recalls how it all started when Ms. Sulen started sharing this erotic elixir with her friends, First Joan got hooked … then Louise .. and finally Nora herself. A nonstop orgy of sexual situations and perverse passions is the result with the horny men who MUST service these insatiable slatterns! Don’t miss out on this raunchy parade of sexuality that knows no limit. They CAN’T GET ENOUGH! … but baby, you will!

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