Caligula – The Deviant Emperor (1997)

AKA: Caligola – Follia Del Potere
Caligula – Der Anal-Tyrann Von Rom
Director: Joe D’Amato
Starring: Olivia Del Rio, Francesco Malcom, Ursula Moore, Nicolette, Kristina, Vally, Paula White, Marzia Visconti, Jessica Gabriel, Silvio Evangelista, Eros Cristaldi, Eddy Preston, Cristina Vally.
A glimpse of the everyday life of the notorious Roman emperor. Caligula rides out on his favorite stallion Incitatus and is given a wash, made up and fed by his female slaves – all the while enjoying their sexual favors. In a senate meeting, Caligula insults the senators and threatens to appoint his favorite stallion. A visit from the German princess Brunhilde provides a welcome diversion. The boredom is also relieved by a visit from Demetrius and Jason, two friends from Greece. They take part in a ballgame which quickly leads to an orgy, and Caligula invites them to an Egyptian brothel. But their stay is brief, and Caligula feels lonely and desolate once again. Luckily, Brunhilde and his favorite slaves are more than ready to console the emperor.

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