California Calendar Girls 1 (1999)

Starring: Keki D Aire, Jewel Valmont, Barett Moore, Vivian Valentine, Anita Dark, Claudia Hungry, Jenny Fields, Alex Sanders, Alec Metro, Erik Everhard, Brian Surewood.
Alex Sanders went all-out to create a glamorous wall-to-wall video. The concept of swimsuit and other glamour photo shoots drives CCG and succeeds where others have failed. It’s all actually convincing in the pre-sex buildup. Unfortunately, the sex itself is just average.
In ‘Got a light?’ Barrett Moore and Jewel Valmont strike seductive poses for the camera before taking on two guys in a pleasant sex scene.
‘Life’s a Beach!’ when Hungarian beauty Anita Dark prances around in a bikini for Sanders’ camera along a stretch of Southern California beach, then adjourns to an indoor location to screw him. The idea of making a porno where a guy shoots pictures of a girl in alluring positions, then fucks her is about a original as Wile E. Coyote getting flattened by a rock catapult.
Sanders departs from the norm by devoting the video’s energies to the glamour associated with a mainstream swimsuit pictorials, and in this respect succeeds. Editing is top-notch, the jazzy soundtrack is enjoyable but not excessive, and the camera work is superior.

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