Cafe Flesh 1 (1982)

Starring: Angel Selby, Becky Savage, Tantala Ray, Erica Nile, Kim Collier, Marie Sharp, Pia Snow, Sue Raven, Terri Copeland, Andrew Nichols, D’Elliot Marcussi, Dondi Bastone, Jeff Conner, Joey Lennon, Kevin James, Neil Poderecki, Paul McGibboney, Pez D. Spencer, Richard Belzer, Robert Dennis, Starbuck.
One of the most distinctive adult films ever made, Cafe Flesh’s story line is centered around the one percent of human beings who are still able to enjoy sex after a nuclear holocaust. The rest of humanity has been rendered unable to engage in any procreative acts without causing themselves rending psychological torment. Those who still can derive pleasure from sex are forced by post-war authoritarian government thugs to entertain these “sexual negatives” with their now unique ability, and to try to stimulate them back to their pre-apocalyptic sexual selves. Like the premise itself, the sex depicted here is as imaginative as it is varied, and as we might expect, full of kinks. This is one of those rare adult films so full of creative energy and explosive imagination that it seems a bit of a pity it has to be segregated from mainstream audiences with an “X” rating.”

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