Buttman’s Popo Zuda Party (2001)

Starring: Kate Frost, Carol Dias, Gabriella Ferras, Fernanda Santos, Marcela Duarte, Tabitha.
We have sexy dancing that leads to spontaneous, wild, unscripted sex! As always butt obsession is the theme and Brazilian women have incredibly sexy big butts! My Brazilian partner Stanlay Miranda and I throw a Carnival party in Rio and in Bela Horzonte. In Bela Horizonte we find the most beautiful girls I’ve ever shot in Brazil!-and they all love to gyrate their big sexy butts! In Rio the party is rougher and wilder. Kate Frost has come along with us from America and she drives the Brazilian men crazy. I was very happy with the way the party happened. At the end I thanked everyone. I thought they had gotten off enough, but boy was I wrong! No one wanted to leave, and the screwing started up all over again, with many different girls screwing for attention.

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