Buttman’s European Vacation 2 (1992)

Director: John Stagliano
Starring: Louise Armani, Nikki Pearce, Joy Karins, Christine De Bausseand, Flavia Voltige, Sara Walker, Louise Pike, Tracy Gibb, Rocco Siffredi, Anthony Marko, Phillip, John Stagliano.
More great action from Europe!
The Hotel: British pin-up girl Nikki Pearce and her great ass get me a room with a view.
The Pickup: At Buckingham Palace I find Louise Armani. Just doing my job.
The Tower: Eiffel, that is. Joy Karins again leads me on a Paris odyssey. This time to Flavia Voltige and Christine De Bausseand and-then to that wonderful place for my face. As I said: ‘Just doing my job!’
The English Counterside: 2 rock n’ roll groupies, Sara Walker and Louise Pike, tease and please the local gentry.
The Tits: Big ones that is! And a great ass too! Tracy Gibb is the British pin-up model I most wanted to meet when I went to England. Rocco and I find her rockin’ with the London nightlife.
Meeting and shooting Tracy Gibb was a dream come true.

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