Buttman’s European Vacation 1 (1991)

Director: John Stagliano
Starring: Silver Forrest, Zara Whites, Sunny McKay, Noelle Budvar, Veronica Dol, Natalie Streb, Joy Karns, Rocco Siffredi.
Intrigue… With beautiful blond pussy in the red light district of Amsterdam. Romance…In Paris beneath the Arc de Triumph. A voluptuous Parisian girl takes me on a 3-way double anal adventure. Sensuality… At the Cannes Film Festival I meet a beautiful Hungarian girl ready to be discovered. Sexy Bodies… In Rotterdam I rendezvous with two nubile Dutch girls. Pure Lust… On the French Riviera, Rocco returns as the Italian film star, Dario, and his ‘coulo’ obsession is as strong as ever. Real Sex… Rocco and I party in Amsterdam. (I had the camera on for most of it).

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