Buttman’s Bend Over Babes 3 (1992)

Director: John Stagliano
Starring: Danyl Cheeks, Angela Summers, Sharise, Alex Jordan, Summer Knight, Mona Lisa, Tara Gold, Roscoe Bowltree, Nick East, Sparks, Justin Case, John Stagliano.
John Stagliano’s 1992 sex romp is an early showcase for the passions of his character “Buttman,” the ass-obsessed alter ego who spends much of Bend Over Babes 3 chasing the elusive Danyel Cheeks around Las Vegas, between unconnected fuck scenes with many of the era’s finest big-haired California porn chicks. He accosts the aloof, pretty, bubble-bottomed Danyel in a darkened stairwell, but an ensuing blowjob gets interrupted by her irate “manager.” Then we see fresh-faced and sexy Angela Summers as she parties with platinum-blonde Sharise and Cali blonde Summers in a hotel room with Justin Case and Nick Knight. Next, Buttman shifts to the shimmering oasis that is Malibu. Against the sparkling backdrop of the Pacific, he spies a big-titted blonde (Tara Gold) walking along the beach. Buttman and Woody Long pick her up, and she sucks Woody’s wang in the open convertible right out on the Pacific Coast Highway! Back at the beach house, Tara teases them with her hairy bush, and Woody fucks her silly before coming on her tits.

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