Bun Busters 16 (1994)

Starring: Tara Moon, Trinity Lane, Shelley Lubben.
Strange Day: Blond and busty Roxy has a problem -she is addicted to sex! She calls Professor Lake, who had a cure, or so he says. The Professor balls her hard enough in every orifice that she should be satisfied for a year!
Introduction: It sexy Kristina’s debut on video, so Ian takes the opportunity to break her in slow and easy. He starts by taking her from behind. First with a dildo, than a double dildo, followed immediately by his own stiffie! For her first time Kristina sure does take it like a pro!
A Swinging Time; The simultaneous arrival of his new hammock and girlfriends Chante gives Nick a great idea… he assembles the hammock while disrobing Chante. With Nick’s determination they are swinging in no time and with the best of them. Once Nick’s got her ass in the sling, he cannot help but avail himself of all its tight charms.

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