Bun Busters 13 (1994)

Starring: Romeo, CJ Bennett, Sally, Gerry Pike, Laurie Cameron, Sam Smythe, Malcom.
In Job Opening Gerry may not have the office skills, but when horny Ms. Cartwright checks out the bulge in his pants, clearly he’s got what she needs! So it’s up on the desk with legs wide open as he pumps her ass before hosing down her face! When the boss comes in and catches them, it’s up her ass again before a second blast to her face! Talk about a tough day at the orifice! Next in Laurie’s Latest, Laurie is facing the cameras again after a year lay off. She has a new look, a new life and a new boy named Romeo. She shows us just how good a lay her new stud is. They really get into it with plenty of the usual – you know, nipple licking, cock flicking, box lunching, and hiney munching – all before a splashy grand finale all over her face! In Anal Sally, Sally and Malcolm are ready to put on a show and Sally agrees to let Malcolm take the lead. He starts with a big dildo to warm her up, then a small dildo for her other inut, then the real thing in all the usual places. You won’t believe a cute little thing like this has suck a voracious appetite for the big stiffie!

No Pass

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