Bun Busters 10 (1994)

Starring: Angelica, CJ Bennett, Rodney Moore, Jeff Scott, Sam Smythe, Zumira.
In A Very Dirty Girl, is there anything C.J. won’t do? Sam sure hasn’t come across it yet – and he’s come across (and in) just about everything she’s got to offer. He’s particularly impressed by her love of backdoor deliveries and her insatiable thirst for cum. Sam is only too happy to reward her every desire with his fan-jizz-tic pleasure tool. Next in Water Girl, when Rodney spots Angelica buying water from a vending machine, he makes her for a girl who can handle a tap. Sure enough, within minutes of getting to her place, she’s t the Big Guy and using it to fill up both her ends – and both sides. Knowing her ways around spigots and such, she is able to get two gushers from Rodney – right in the kisser and down the chin! Finally in Get Busy, after a hard day, Mr. Scott tries to unwind around his pool. His friend Zumira as other plans for him, however, and those plans involve his cock and her backdoor… and a tight stuffing of one into the other. He reluctantly goes along for the ride in the caboose, but Zumira then finds she has to face the music in the form of a skin flute serenade… all over her lips and chin.

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