Buffy’s Anal Adventure (1996)

Director: Bosley DeLongprez
Starring: Kristi Myst, Anna Malle, Montana Gunn, Selena, Jonathan Morgan, Alex Sanders, Jay Ashley.
Although in her brief blue movie career blonde bombshell Kristi Myst has just about done it all on-screen, until now there’s remained one door she’s never been through — the back door. But she’s decided the time has come to cross that threshold and this is the incredibly hot result. After a steamy, sensual build up, during which no erotic stone is left unturned, Alex Sanders goes where no man has gone before — at least on-screen. This is hands-down the tape’s most unforgettable scene, rivaled only by Jay Ashley and Selena’s own back porch boffathon. Also on hand are Anna Malle and Montana Gunn, a sultry Latina with a mountain range to rival her namesake’s. A blistering ode to the female derriere.

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