Bubble Butts 18 (1993)

Director: Bobby Hollander
Starring: Teddi Austin, Morgan Rae, Kauri, Cosmo, Ted Wilson, Jerry Butle.
Dildos in hand Christine and Teddy Austin are eager to get to the bottom of the “better to give than receive” question. It’s a close contest with “to receive” leading by 12 inches . . . but wait; here cums “to receive” in the snatch. It’s a photo finish.
As Jerry and Ted’ll tell you … if you’ve got to aid a damsel in distress it helps if she loves like sexy Morgan does. Out of gas and stranded with her car Morgan convinces our heroes to give her a lift to a service station. They manage to find her long before they get to a gas station.
Cosmo starts with a breast stroke, but switches strategy with a dive for Kauri’s bottom. He laps her a few times but finds it a tight race to the finish. Kauri doesn’t mind losing to a man who cums from behind. She was hoping he would take her in the end.

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