Breast Worx 4 (1991)

Starring: Tim, Chrisma, Kera, Alysin Sterling, Elvis.
Bobby Hollander knows TITS! In volume four of his Breastworx, he wants you to get to know a few of his favorites. The fiery Chrisma can really fill a dress. She brings a new one home with lots of intricate handworked details. Boyfriend Tim is impressed and adds his own intricate handwork to her details. Before you know it, the dress is discarded and Tim gets his hands into the meat of the matter. While housepainter Elvis paints her walls grey, Alysin is feeling blue. She is turned on by his rolling technique and without missing a stroke, he’s into the pink with his big purple tool. You’ll be green with envy. Loneliness need not be a problem when you are endowed with a pair of pleasure peaches like Kera. She is a can do kind of gal and she invites us into her bedroom to show us what she can do with her cans. To oil or not to oil? That is the question. Ahhh, there’s the rub. Kera’s cream jugs get an eye popping creaming that will leave your jeans in a dampened state. Get to know tits yourself!

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