Breast Worx 36 (1992)

Starring: Tawny, Alex Jordan, Rodney Moore, Shanel Dubois, Teddy Austin.
Scene 1: Rodney takes to the supermarket produce section where he finds voluptuous Teddy Austin sporting a pair of Casabas of her own, ripe and ready to squeeze! After getting her home, Rodney happily reports Teddy to be sweet to the taste and ready to serve! Scene 2: The girls night out turns out to be in as sexy Alex Jordan and covergirl Lauren develop more of an appetite for each other htan the dinner they were planning to share! For dessert, they do manage to whip themselves into a creamy frenzy (with the aid of a trusty vibrator). Scene 3: Never one to miss out on a photo opportunity, Rod zooms in for a closer look at wannabe model Schanels’ Bouncinf Betties. What a pair! Once back at his studio, he sets up his favorite shot of all…the cum shot!

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