Breast Worx 18 (1992)

Starring: Angela Summers, Erica Boyer, Rod, Fawn Miller, Boy Toy, Monique Hall.
Scene 1: How does Angela Summers do it? Not only is she official custodian and manager of a pair of America’s classic chi-chis, but she has the time to share them with Boy Toy, her new friend. He’s real appreciative of her attention and attends to her with a shot of inspiration from his joy stick. Scene 2: Monique Hall is a statuesque work of art. Erica is a connoisseur of fine things – and Moniques things are the finest she’s ever seen. Her stroke technique with finger and tongue brings a new lever of craft to “c”lapping. Scene 3: Rod likes tits – big ones! Consequently, he loves Fawn Miller. If big bouncing, bobbing boobs are big on your list of likes – you’ll love Fawn Miller, too — and you’ll love seeing her get the big one from Rod.

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