Breaking And Entering (1984)

AKA: Du Foutre Plein Le Cul
Director: Jose Benazeraf
Starring: Cathy Menard, Cecile Lanvin, Evelyne Lang, Laura Rastail, Gabriel Pontello, Jacky Arnal, Richard Lemieuvre.
In the South of France a naughty band of female cat burglars decides to rob a ritzy villa for kicks. Breaking and Entering, the girls discover a treasure trove of love toys and lingerie that proves to be a real party pleaser until the long, long arm of the law catches up with them. These gendarmes go for the gusto using their “nightsticks” to probe the girls for information. Then the owners of the villa show up and are mistaken as thieves but it really doesn’t matter. They seem to enjoy “the intrusion” even more then the girls do.

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