Bottoms Up (1971)

AKA: The Magical Ring
Starring: Tina Russell, Haren Clark, Valerie Marron, Erik Edwards, Marc Stevens, Douglas Stone.
Also known as THE MAGICAL RING… BOTTOMS Up tells the tale of a young beauty who, with a simple act of kindness to a homeless stranger, is given mystical ring that turns her darkest sexual fantasies into nymphomaniacal realities!
Every sinful act one can imagine our ripe young heroine commits on screen for your pleasure… the takes it in her mouth and perfect ass over and over… begging for cum… and melting every time her swollen clit touches cock…
“BOTTOMS UP is truly one of the all time XXX classics… direct by GERARD DAMIANO (DEEP THROAT) in one of his very first films… and starring the stunning TINA RUSSELL.
…when her dreams become real – so do yours.

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