Bordello – House Of The Rising Sun (1985)

Director: Chuck Vincent
Starring: Amber Lynn, Taija Rae, Paul Thomas, Tish Ambrose, Marita Ekberg, Patricia Schenfelle, Jerry Butler, Scott Baker, Linda Lowe, De-Ahna, David Christopher, Norris O’Neal, Steven Lockwood, Maggie Smith, Bobby Spector, Buck Adams, Jay Serling.
In this scintillating sexvid, we meet the gals of the Rising Sun, a naughty New Orleans bordello where the women are always eager to please. Everything’s going great until the owner dies, leaving the place to a heartless corporation. They send in their lackey, who puts in all the modern amenities, but soon finds that the place has lost its charm — and its profits. It’s then up to the company chairman to come down and see the operation for himself. He discovers that sometimes the best way to a man’s heart isn’t with luxury facilities, but with good old-fashioned romance and passion. Filled with riveting performances and gorgeous women, this is one ‘Bordello’ that you’ll be visiting again and again.

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