Bon Appétit (1980)

Director: Chuck Vincent
Starring: Kelly Nichols, Randy West, Gloria Leonard, Jack Wrangler, Samantha Fox, George Payne, Kandi Barbour, Merle Michaels, Robin Byrd, Jake Teague, Ron Jeremy, Roger Caine, Erica Eaton, Patricia Dale, Kurt Mann, Richard Victor, Ashley Moore, Rod Hudd, Nick Rmoano, Adam DeHaven, Paula Morton.
Gloria Leonard plays a publishing tycoon who, at a party, makes the offer that she will pay $1 million to any woman who can seduce the ten best lovers in the world. Kelly Nichols is a waitress working for the party’s caterer, and she overhears the offer. She takes Leonard up on the offer and is soon on her way around the world with a photographer in tow to record the feat. Blazing sex is the highlight here, both from Kelly, whose talents are nothing short of amazing, and from Gloria, who although older than most of her co-stars, is as hot an erotic performer as has ever graced the blue screen.

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