Body Music 2 (1990)

Director: Jerry Ross
Starring: Nina Hartley, Tiara, Taylor Wane, Keisha, Eric Edwards, Mike Horner, James Lewis, Peter North.
Keisha returns to one of her most loved roles, as the gorgeous movie star who yearns to break out of her goody-goody mold. She wants to star in a sexually explosive new film, but the studio heads are skeptical that she can pull it off. Even worse, some of them are determined not to let her ruin the innocent image that’s made them rich. It’s up to out busty heroine to prove them all wrong — and does she ever! Keisha has never looked more stunning, her twin wonders bursting with sensual allure. She turns in some of her hottest work ever in this film, taking on Eric Edwards in a feverish exercise room blast in order to prove that she’s sexy enough for his film. Later on, a line reading session explodes into a frantic lesbian liaison when Keisha and Nina Hartley engage in a wild one. Keisha seals the deal with Peter North, as a rehearsal gets downright dirty as they take their ribald roles one step beyond. They turn in a passionate tabletop plunge, leaving every last bit of erotic energy right there on screen. Keisha’s a legendary porn performer, and ‘Body Music #2’ is without a doubt one of her masterpieces. A must-see for anyone into highly charged 80s eroticism.

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