Bodies In Heat 1 (1983)

Starring: Annette Haven, Desiree Lane, Lisa De Leeuw, Janey Robbins, Star Weatherly, Billy Dee, Herschel Savage, Eric Edwards.
Herschel Savage stars as the ubiquitous hard-boiled private eye in this classic sexvid. He’s a rough and tumble stud who never turns down a job — or a lady. He gets the action rolling by taking on dispatcher Janey Robbins in a heated rendezvous, and things only get hotter from there. Herschel’s got a thick little cutie of an assistant in Lisa De Leeuw, but it seems that he’s only got eyes for his clients or subjects. Just his luck, he gets a call from gorgeous Annette Haven about a stolen antique watch. Of course, once Herschel lays his eyes on Haven’s delectable form, he knows that he must have her. Which he does in a spectacularly erotic tryst. From that point the flick becomes a hardcore variant on ‘Double Indemnity,’ with Savage and Haven plotting to bump off her murderous husband (Eric Edwards). There are a few more plot twists along the way, as well as a good bit of body-to-body rocking. Some of the tastiest tarts in early 80s porn are on hand for this one, including Kimberly Carson, Raysheena and the lushly curvaceous Lisa De Leeuw. ‘Bodies in Heat #1’ was a huge hit upon its original release and still holds up today as a first-rate dose of erotic entertainment.

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