Blonde (1980)

Starring: Annette Haven, Blair Harris, Bonnie Holiday, Brooke West, David Morris, Duane Tann, Holly Paige, Mai Lin.
Many glamorous sex queens have reigned in Hollywood, spreading scandal and satisfying lovers in their wake: Marilyn, Jayne and Vallerie Vincent are but a few of these legends. Annette Haven is an aspiring actress hoping to cop the lead in ‘The Vallerie Vincent Story’, a sex-drenched biography of Tinseltown’s most notorious tart. After landing the role by landing on a casting couch or two, Annette looks into Valerie Vincent’s torrid sex life, discovering a treasure trove of mind boggling sexual high-jinx from a bygone era. Before long, Annette begins to identify with Vallerie Vincent completely – both on and off the set.

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