Blanche In Der Villa Der Orgien (1977)

AKA: Candides Salopes
Starring: France Lomay, Genevieve Sorbier, Laurence Rivoal, Liliane Lemieuvre, Marie-Claude Moreau, Sabrina Dilah, Samantha, Richard Lemieuvre, Dominique Aveline, Olivier Oll, Alban Ceray, Cyril Val, Charlie Schreiner.
One evening Blanche (Genevieve Sorbier) is snatched off the street and dragged into an orange-coloured VW Beetle driven by Dominique Aveline. Her fiance (played by Richard Lemieuvre) starts searching for her. A newspaper article deals with the mysterious disappearance of some girls in a house at Rue Latin and he drives there.

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