Big Island Blues (1994)

Starring: Locklear, Kobe Tai, Suzy Cat, Mila, Rebecca Lord, Sindee Coxx, Alyssa Love, Shawnee, Jon Dough, Peter North, Alexandra Silk, T.T. Boy, Vince Vouyer.
This high energy send-up of the porno industry is a consistently entertaining, stunningly arousing piece of work that succeeds on a variety of levels. The whole thing is a goofy spoof on the making of a porno film, with Jon Dough hamming it up as the half-baked director who leads his charges to Hawaii for a shoot. Dough’s character is a washed up has-been of a director, desperate to regain his edge with a new sexvid success. Things are made considerably tougher due to the fact that his cast won’t stop partying long enough to actually shoot a scene, and his lead actress is refusing to come out of her trailer! The video is played as much for laughs as for moans, with the result being some of the spiciest hardcore comedy we’ve seen in some time. Dough gets in on plenty of the action himself, putting the old casting couch to work for him early on when he receives some oral loving from a trio of would-be starlets. Later on, Jon finds himself in the clinch with his female lead herself — as well as his hard-charging production assistant. With the lusty likes of Locklear, Rebecca Lord and Alexandra Nice on hand, you just know that the action is going to be first-rate. What really makes this one stand out is the attention that’s been paid to everything else, from the sets to the acting to the cinematography. A solid pick for couples and singles alike. “Inventive and amusing!”

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