Big Game (1990)

Starring: Raven, Sunny McKay, Holly Ryder, Patricia Kennedy, Madison, Don Fernando, Randy West, T.T. Boy.
Using creatures of the wild as background symbols of untamed ferocity, Big Game explores animalistic sexuality and passions of the two-footed variety.
A young lady allows us to hear her thoughts as she writes about the wild. At first it sounds like a forage into the jungle, but her descriptions soon turn into human craving and hunger for pure sexual satisfaction.
Appropriately, most of the action is shot outdoors. Scenes with sinewy animals are dissolved into bipedal desires. A close-up of a lizard’s darting tongue changes into a female tongue ready for oral action. Classical music is blended into the live action. And yes, like the big features, the hunters never lose their pith helmets.
Sparse dialogue from the performers, but an overall superb quality in this outdoor sex feature.

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