Big Babies In Budapest 3 (1999)

Starring: Nina, Nikki Stone, Suzy, Kate Moore, Annie, Sheila Rossi, Brigitte, Mandy, Julia Taylor, Vivien Hadman, Frank Major, Dries, Zenza Raggi, Reinhard Hard, Janos, Michael Lovechild, Gerhardt Popwell, Frank Gunn, Leslie Taylor, Nick Lang, John Walton, Roscoe Bowltree.
The folks at Elegant Angel return once more to Budapest, the site of some of their greatest sexual triumphs for this down and dirty opus. We open with Monika, a large-breasted beauty who showers seductively before spying her man kissing another woman out the window. Although she’s pretty upset, they quickly patch things up and delve into a delirious dose of debauchery. Nina’s a long-haired blonde go-getter who’s riding along with her man when she has to make a pit stop. She wanders into the roadside woods, only to encounter a sizable stud who demands oral satisfaction. He gets it. Nikki Stone and Suzy are a pair of eye popping blonde cuties who engage in a light-hearted Sapphic session for a photo shoot. Slowly things build, and by the time the scene ends we’ve been treated to a scorching fourway that includes torrid back door boffing on the part of both gals. A sensual lesbian liaison follows, with Dutch treat Kate Moore favoring youthful lovely Annie with some serious sizzle in some sort of sauna. A fourway scene brings us fleshy femme fatale Shiela and lithesome Brigitte, hooking up with a couple of studs for some heated good times. The grand finale is a full-fledged Euro-orgy, with three gals and four guys going for broke. Picking up where the first two left off, this edition of the series features just what fans are looking for — gorgeous natural women and lots of utterly raw sexual action.

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