Big Babies In Budapest 1 (1996)

Starring: Baby Doll, Margot, Anita Blonde, Lolli Pop, Maria, Sylvia Barzocci, Liza Turner, Mercedes, Roscoe Bowltree, Baby Cakes, Vicca, Ferenc Juhac, Robert.
Big Babies…If the difference between a woman and a girl is defined by age(over 18) then I guess I should have called this movie big “women”.
On the other hand, if you fantasies are stimulated by women who like to “act” like girls, then you’re in for a treat! You’ll experience the flawless beauty of 10 girls as they explore different ways to enjoy the mysteries of love. From seductress to seduced, they tease to please. Facials, Anal and Loads of Fun.

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