Beverly Hills Heat (1985)

Director: Ned Morehead
Starring: Sheri St. Clair, Tess Ferre, Buck Adams, Michael Jeffries, Sue Lion, Shone Taylor, Mindy Rae, Billy Dee.
The gals are next door neighbors, married to Buck Adams and Billy Dee who wear those polyester suits to work each morning that perfectly typify the time frame. Sheri and Tess have a lesbian scene to kill time, when a young workman stops by, and we get an instant threesome. Against the grain of usual porn structure, he shows up later in the film for more sex, rather than the expected one-shot filler.
Buck calls home routinely, while his secretary (Susan Lion) is giving him a blow job. An odd touch is a scene of her carefully shaving her pussy with a Gillette razor thrown in for no particular reason. While Buck is on the phone Lion is involved in a threesome, including a double penetration shot.
Mindy shows up comically as a door-to-door do-gooder wearing a Save the Whales t-shirt. She gives Ferre’s husband Billy Dee her spiel but all he wants is sex and Mindy obliges in quality fashion, showcasing her monumental breasts.
The couples decide to do wife swapping, after a funny prelude gag of them getting together to play dirty scrabble (spelling counts with words like cunnilingus and fellatio). Finale is on a high note with Mindy arriving to do her spiel again, and ending up in a threesome with Buck & Billy.

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