Beverly Hills Exposed (1985)

AKA: Beverly Hills Privat
Beverly Hills
Starring: Bunny Bleu, Colleen Brennan, Mindy Rae, Jacqueline Roget, Tamara Longley, Harry Reems, Jerry Butler, Billy Dee, Sasha Gabor.
This steamy sexvid from 1985 pulls back the curtain on the sordid shenanigans that thrive in and around Beverly Hills. Harry Reems stars as a businessman who’s trying to seal a deal with Utah financier Billy Dee. Harry invites him over to his palatial estate, where Billy feasts his eyes on Harry’s luscious young daughter. He eventually gets his hands on her, but not before enjoying some heated moments with both of Harry’s lithesome maids. Meanwhile, Harry’s in the back of his limo getting some after-hours attention from sexy secretary Tamara Longley. Everyone ends up wealthy and wise to the wanton ways of the world. It’s a bed-hopping, blistering excursion into the city’s deepest, darkest sexual secrets.

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