Ben Dover’s English Asscapades (1997)

Director: Steve Perry
Starring: Ben Dover, Bob Scott, David Perry, Izabella, Jane Whitehouse, Janna, Michelle, Monika.
Famous Brit pervert Ben Dover is again doing pervy things to pretty London birds in Ben Dover’s English Asscapades. Michelle’s bum elicits groans of happiness from Ben and her delightfully pink pussy has French stud David Perry plunging right in. She gets so hot, she practically begs Perry to fuck her tight virgin arse, which is effectively gaped! Lisa (billed on the box as Janna), an Israeli student, finds her initial shyness melting away as the suave duo get her to peel off her white knickers during her modeling interview. She dispels the notion that Israelis don’t like pork, squealing in passion as Perry’s sausage meat disappears up her crack. Nicole claims to be able to out do her American porn counterparts. Exclaiming “Fuckin’ ‘ell, that’s a big dick!”, as Ben offers his to her. Then she turns into a screaming fuck machine. This standup fuck scene’s camera angles will leave you gasping for air. Isabelle and Monika play dress up/dress down, first sucking mate Mike’s and then Ben’s tool. This nomination worthy Hungarian goo-gash scene has dark-haired Isabelle bringing Ben Dover to spurting climax by giving a very effective foot job that left Ben and will leave you reeling. Horny ladies will make Dover’s fans flock to this offering.

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