Beefeaters (1989)

AKA: Calda Femmina Da Letto
Die Intimen Perversionen Der Sophie Shelton
Starring: Jade East, Moana Pozzi, Nina DePonca, Rachel Ryan, Trinity Loren, Jon Dough, Mike Horner, Peter North, Randy West, Ray Victory, Tom Byron.
Hot and bothered Italian cloak and daggeress Moana is training a brand new cadre of female recruits in the fine art
of getting heads of state in over their heads by giving them a ‘hard’ time. Mata Hari didn’t have a thing on Ms. Moana in
the sex for secrets department. She’d have most guys telling not only where they hid the micro film, but have them do so
before she finished saying drop your pants! This is the film for lovers of dirty spy stories. The sex is thunderous, the women
are gorgeous and the story is actually quite good.

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