Bedside Manor (1984)

Starring: Christophe Clark, Alban Ceray, Cathy, Gabriel Pontello, Kelly Deep, Nathalie Lhermite, Pascale Vouillot.
t her palatial estate, trampy Miss Isabel is interviewing private-duty nurses to care of Jacques – her horny, bedridden cousin. But the only ones who end up getting “bed ridden” are the private duty nurses! Welcome to Bedside Manor – a very hot property where more than the roof gets raised! European super-stud Gabriel Pontello is on hand to service Miss Isabel and the private-duty nurses. And what about that lecherous cousin?! Well, the old fool gets so fired up watching some torrid girl-girl action, he hosts an all-star orgy that’s a blowout bunny-banging bonanza.

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