Bedrooms And Boardrooms (1992)

Director: Jerry Ross
Starring: Alicyn Sterling, Ashlyn Gere, Sharon Kane, Trinity Loren, Alicia Rio, T.T. Boy, Shawnee Cates, Melanie Moore, Randy West, Eric Edwards.
Some of the most talented and popular starlets of the early 90s come together for this tantalizing tribute to the carnal charms of the old casting couch. The plot is all but non-existent, with a series of gals getting the once over from lecherous producers as they try to sex their way into the business. It’s nothing you haven’t seen before, but the sex itself is what makes this one well worth checking out. Ashlyn Gere turns in a typically over-the-top performance, letting loose with a tooth-grinding tussle that leaves all concerned utterly spent. Ashlyn’s obvious enthusiasm for all manner of sexual expression comes through loud and clear — especially loud. Busty cutie P.J. Sparxx is also in top form, showing off her mouthwatering curves in a breathtaking session. Sharon Kane was one of the most prolific sexual performers of all time, and she turns in one of her final on-screen workouts here. Sharon’s still-curvaceous frame is up to the task and she shows that she’s still got what it takes to get a rise out of an audience. While there’s nothing very fancy about what goes on here, fans of straight-forward hardcore will certainly get a kick out of it. It’s basically non-stop action, a bit of a forerunner of today’s totally plotless gonzo-style romps. Fans of Ashlyn’s or P.J.’s will surely want to catch it.

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