Band Of Bastards 4 (2011)

Starring: Mandy Dee, Nikky Thorne, Gathy Heaven, Steve Holmes, Denis Marti, Will Daley, Nataly V., Anastasia Cloud, Ariella, Jasmine Buyont, Don Fernando, Nicole Simon, Margareth Buster, Daniel Petrec, Alex Ricucci, Enric Bodler, Bruno Sx, Lorenzo Micoli, Alfredo Prete, Michelle Soleil, Richard Beigh, Pavel Terrer, Gianluca Santos, Candy Alexa, Krisztian Borek, Lisa Sparkle.
In March 2010 Mario Salieri embarks on a valiant attempt to return to the big I-pornographic fiction, a genre he created, through the creation of a serial set in the forties and the sixties of the twentieth century. The project involves the construction of four episodes focusing on telling a compelling story, dominated by a fine-toned dark and perverse eroticism, in full harmony with the classic style of Salieri. The result is Band of Bastards, a historical fresco attention to detail and with a sweeping narrative power. The series, played by numerous actors and theater major star of the pornographic world describes the darkest aspects of human beings through the stories of three soldiers of the Royal Italian Army engaged the Russian theater of war during the Second World War. Directed by Salieri offers a documentary style, deliberately devoid of technical virtuosity, which gives the narrative a striking realism. Entirely shot in direct sound, the work is enjoyable in a multitude of languages easily understood by means of effective subtitling.

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