Bad Girls 2 – Strip Seach (1994)

Director: Toni English
Starring: Lene, Debi Diamond, Kaitlyn Ashley, Isis Nile, Bionca, Marc Wallice, Jon Dough, Shawn Ricks, Tom Byron.
They say that the bus ride back to the joint is a long and dreary one — unless, of course, you happen to be Lené, who gets more pokey in the pokey than most people could get in a cat house. The producers of this film have been right on target with all of their babes-behind-bars sex scenes, from the shower episode to the body cavity searches. There’s even a new twist on the old file-in-the-cake trick. We don’t want to give it away, but think about it … what would a bunch of hot chicks in jail want the most? And whatever you do don;t miss the Lené-Debi Diamond-Kaitlyn-Ashley-Isis Nile bath scene. You’ll be the one needing a towel.

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