Bad Girls 1 (1981)

Director: Svetlana
Starring: Pia Snow, Honey Wilder, Jasmine Du Bay, Victoria Knoll, Lenora Bruce, John Leslie, Ron Jeremy, Richard Pacheco, Leslie Winston, Lee Carroll, Randy West, Anna Ventura, Sylvia Benedict, Jennifer Wright, Donna Ferguson, Surica Johnson, Lisa Moore, Mike Feline, Mike Ranger, Kevin James, Gene DuQueen, Michael Snow, John Handler.
One of the all-time classics of erotic entertainment, ‘Bad Girls’ centers on a quartet of come-hither fashion models who pile into an RV for a weekend of fun in the sun. Things start to take a turn for the sexy from the moment they set up camp. One buxom beauty heads out for some firewood, only to catch sight of a swarthy stud and a pair of women trysting right in the middle of the forest! Two other gals go out for some moonlight skinny-dipping and can’t resist delving into some steamy Sapphic sizzle while they can. The next day, the gals stumble upon a strange secluded mansion in the woods and decide to investigate. It doesn’t take long to figure out that the place is actually a secretive S&M club whose exclusive clientele are allowed to live out their every kinky desire. The four foxes are taken prisoner and forced to participate in all manner of wild sexual antics, from B&D-laced lasciviousness to wanton oral favors. The intensity builds to a shattering climax as just about the whole cast gets together for a drug-induced orgy. This video is among the most erotically charged ever made, with spectacular performances from all concerned. Filled with gorgeous women and out-there action, ‘Bad Girls’ is sure to find a way onto any porn fan’s list of favorites.

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