Bacchanale (1970)

Directors: Lem Amero, John Amero
Starring: Brown, Larue, Harry Reems, Roberta Findlay, Tina Russell, Jason Russell, Darcy, Bobby Niles, Uta Erickson, Darcy Brown, Chuck Federico, Lydia Burns, Patricia Kleb, Roberta Scardera, Pat Agers, D.B. Brown, Bruce Michael, Donny Lee, Richard Jennings, Bernice Turner, Ron Babin, Steve Gould, Michael Findlay, Neil Jenny, Stanley Kamel, Linda Boyce, Dick Sherman, Warren Miles, Robert Rhodes, Watts, Dick Bennet, Linda Joyce, Richard Sherman.
This erotic exploitation film uses a dream-fantasy sequence to stage the sex scenes. A woman fantasizes she is the top model and the corpse at a fashion-show/funeral combo. The obligatory lesbian scene involves her going to the cave of a high priestess for some hands-on healing. She also strips in a graveyard and sees the ghost of her brother who was killed in Vietnam. In an unusual move for general-release sex films, it also contains a substantial amount of male-to-male sex.

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