Babylon Pink 3 (1987)

Director: Henri Pachard
Starring: Nikki Knight, Alexa Parks, Shanna McCullough, Sharon Kane, Ona Zee, Joey Silvera, Jerry Butler, Robert Bullock.
Cecil Howard and Henri Pachard reunited one more time to create this scorching sex video that delves into the provocative, shameless and often outrageous indulgences of the female mind. The 3rd installment of the classic Babylon Pink series is a porn purveyor’s wet dream come true.
Ona Zee plays a psychologist who talks her patients through their problems but wants to get in their pants. The opening scene between Ona and Robert Bullock is particularly rough and raunchy. We are then introduced to other female characters each of whom reveal to us their secret kinky curiosities. Sharon Kane is a slutty barfly who wants to get head as well as she gives it riding Rob Bullocks face in a public bar while Shanna McCullough compliments her talents. Nikki Knight reveals to husband Joey Silvera that she would like him to be just a little less manly. The highlight scene features Alexa Parks fantasizing about husband Jerry Butler taking her in an exceptionally raucous fuck frenzy that tests the bounds of her stamina and flexibility as well as the strength of her furniture. It is sensual and nasty all at the same time. Genius!

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