Babes (1993)

Starring: Lacy Rose, Melanie Moore, T.T. Boy, Jonathan Morgan, Chaz Vincent, Dizzy Blond, Brittany O’Connell.
Jonathan Morgan is the emcee of a game show on which guys compete with each other to take hotties like Lacy Rose and Melanie Moore out on dates. As you can imagine, the competition gets pretty stiff, especially with perennially horny guys like T.T. Boy and Dizzy Blond as the contestants. The guys do everything they can think of to try to outshine each other while on stage, but what it finally comes down to is their performances between the sheets. T.T. Boy’s ravenous romp with Lacy Rose is nothing short of incredible, but Dizzy’s carnal collision with his real-life lover Chaz Vincent throws off plenty sparks of its own. ‘Babes’ is a torrid, terrific adult comedy with tons of amorous attitude.

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