Auto-stoppeuses En Chaleur (1979)

AKA: Auto-stopistes Calientes
Hitchhikers In Heat
Hot Tits
Two At Once
Autostoppiste In Calore
Director: Claude Bernard-Aubert
Starring: Brigitte Lahaie, Brigitte Verbecq, Cathy Stewart, Karine Gambier, Liliane Lemieuvre, Lucie Doll, Richard Lemieuvre, Guy Royer, Jacques Couderc, Gilbert Servien.
Francois is driving home to the coast and his wife when he picks up two hitch hikers. They stop at a motel where they seduce him. Leaving them behind he picks up Denise, apparently fleeing from an abusive husband. She seduces him, but it’s a game she plays with her husband, as becomes evident when he catches up with them in his caravan. Then Francois stops to help a blonde (Karine Gambier) whose car has broken down. They go to a small hotel while her car is being fixed. The blonde seduces the maid, Adele, and then they get Francois to join in. Near the end of his journey Francois picks up the first two hitch hikers again and they go on to his home where they get his wife to join them all in foursomes.

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