Anni Di Piombo (1999)

AKA: Emprise Sexuelle
Year Of Bullets
Director: Silvio Bandinelli
Starring: Judith Kostner, Gina Lovergine, Judith Bella, Nikki Anderson, Reka Gabor, Ursula Cavalcanti, Bob Terminator, Zenza Raggi, Frank Gun, Bruno SX, Reinhard, Jolt Walton, Tom Woods, Horst Bosch.
The work of Silvio Bandinelli are real films, shot with cinematic style, supported by an intriguing history. The hard scenes are a direct consequence of the actions and psychology of the characters. A highly personal way to write and turn porn movies that made Silvio Bandinelli a unique case in the hard world stage. “Years of Lead” addresses the issue of terrorism, and spares no complaints to the powerful ever using sexual blackmail and corruption to maintain their dominance.

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