Angels Of Passion (1986)

Director: Jerome Bronson
Starring: Jessica Wylde, Stacey Donovan, Tanya Foxx, Tracey Adams, Trinity Loren, Greg Rome, Rick Savage, Steve Drake, Tom Byron.
I liked this film! Its storyline is similar to the mainstream film Heaven Can Wait (and I liked that, too), but here, instead of trying to find a way back to life, our three “heroes” find that death is the perfect way to LIVE.
Killed by a drunk driver while screwing around in a stalled motor home, Tracey Adams, Steve Drake and Jessica Wylde find themselves on a white train headed upwards. They meet Heaven’s “file clerk,” Randy West (who does not perform sexually here), and learn they must first go through training before reaching their final destination. But before they can be told all the details, they stumble upon the names of three people who are also slated for an untimely death. Our would-be angels feel sorry for the trio, and to help make their last days on earth happier they pop in on them for some heavenly sex.
There is nothing sexually bizarre here; just good oP fashioned lovin’. No, I didn’t forget about the angels. Their ability to appear at anytime, anywhere (sometimes catching others with their pants down) really adds to the film’s erotic qualities. And Tracey Adams is a big plus, looking great both in, and out of, her white uniform.
Being shot on film is also an advantage for this picture. The grainy quality really enhances the train and Heaven sequences, and there is no harsh lighting differences in the indoor and outdoor shots.
The entire cast does an- excellent job, both acting and sexually, and director Jerome Bronson blends these two qualities well into a feature film that is enjoyable and erotic. Angels of Passion is recommended for those who want to be entertained, as well as stimulated, by an adult videocassette.

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