Angel Of The Night (1985)

Director: Richard Mailer
Starring: Brittany Stryker, Buffy Davis, Sheena Horne, Jeanette Littledove, Lorrie Lovett, Mary Kay, Rayanne Drew, Dan T. Mann, Eddie Marinara, Paul Thomas, Peter North, Tony Martino.
There is a mystery in the Forsight household. It surrounds a portrait… a portrait of Angel. It seems that Randolph Forsight (Paul Thomas) and his wife (Brittany Stryker) are getting divorced. They find that untangling their marriage is not as easy as untangling their bodies. There is a custody problem. Who is the real owner of the portrait of Angel ? A year ago they both visited a luxurious retreat run by the sensuous yet strangely timeless Angel. While there they experienced the most passionate, erotic moments of their lives… not with each other, but with Angel and her guests. Both Randolph and his wife were ignorant of the other’s love trysts.
The mystery begins with the arrival of the Angel painting at their home some time later. For whom was it intended? It’s a mystery not meant for daylight hours and one that can only be solved by the… Angel of the Night.

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