Angel Buns (1981)

Director: Jim Mackenzie
Starring: Veronica Hart, Tiffany Clark, Lisa Beth, Angelina Flores, Richard Bolla, Jerry Butler, Brenda Brooks, Diana May, George Payne, Phillip Silver, Jody Silver, Stephan, Roy, Mary Jane Mize, Kathi Gati, David Valfer, Ron Jeremy, Norman ey, Paul Ivory, Garth Palmer, Edward French, Angelina Romero, Marilyn Couskos, Don Norman.
Veronica Hart is an angel sent to earth to help mortals like Richard Bolla, a shoe salesman who spends all day looking up the dresses of his lady customers, but who never gets the chance to get his hands on any of them. Veronica teaches him all about the joys of sex, and especially about the illicit joys of back-door boinking, an activity at which Ms. Hart proves herself an expert, especially for an angel. Once she’s introduced him to all of physical love’s wicked joys, she ends up losing her wings because she’s fallen head over heels for a mere mortal. The amazing Ms. Hart is on fire here, and the chemistry she cooks up with Bolla scorches the screen.

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