Anal Vision 26 (1994)

Starring: Vivan Lee, Stevie Starr, Christine Woods.
First in Maltese Buddha, when a 20 year search for the Maltese Buddha turns up only a cheap forgery, the frustration suffered by Stevie is too much to bear, so she takes it out on her henchmen by forcing them to submit to her every twisted sexual desire. She’s not satisfied. Next in Nice to Meet You, Sam has always enjoyed an occasional oriental nibble, except for the fact that he can’t stay full more than an hour after the meal. One taste of Vivian, his embraceable fortune nookie, fills him with the desire to fill her every orifice void. Finally in Dirty Imagination, Candy little girl? Christine’s mind runs wild with hot thoughts as she sucks on her lollipop. Ron has plans to find out how many strokes it takes to get to the center of her tushy pop!

No Pass

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