Anal Vision 22 (1994)

Starring: Tiana, Kytana, Scarlett O’Hara.
Huge titted Tiana likes almost nothing better than to pleasure herself with a huge dildo up her quivering quim – unless she’s got the real thing and he’s like giving it to her hard! So when a guy creeping around her house shows up at her bedroom door, she shows him the back door to her heart! Blistering!
Kytana isn’t too happy when Roy decides he’d rather stay home instead of going out, but he makes it up to her the best way he knows – a little wine, a little kissing – then Boom! He makes her forget about the club as he takes her for a back-door bump fest that has her begging for his six!
When a strong and mysterious man appears at Scarlett’s pool, it looks like trouble! But the only problem she has is deciding which hole t put his hard cock in! So he uses every one – to her heart’s content – and then quenches her need for total submission by hosing down her face!

No Pass

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