Anal Vision 20 (1993)

Starring: Veronica Lake, Genevieve, Shana Curtis.
Sam is reading his ass-worship magazine when he starts to get ideas about Veronica, who is lounging by the pool. He decides to take a dip in both her ‘swallow’ and ‘deep end’. She’s not too sure about the ‘deep end’ part, but goes along for the ride… leaving it wide open for a heavy duty dousing.
Genevieve knows how to keep her man’s mind off racing cars… and on her. She keeps Don on the ‘A’ track by flashing him her loverly ‘B’ side… and letting him play it out ‘till the very end – in the end!
You’re really going to enjoy this one… not as much as Don but enough to make this a keeper.
Shanna is caught on the horns of a horny dilemma. Should she stick to stickin’ with a dildo, or should she go for a real dickin’ with the real thing, Dick Nasty? He wastes no time in helping her make up her mind. He springs the plug on the cat while he runs the rump thumper up the Hershey Highway. Hey, he’s happy to help!

No Pass

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